YAEB – Yet Another Evony Bot (Revision 2550) Released

YAEB – Yet Another Evony Bot (Revision 2550) Released

Great news, YAEB – Yet Another Evony Bot has released an update to the most popular bot used for playing Evony.

YAEB Download links
The latest version of YAEB Revision 2550 can be downloaded from the following links:

Windows: http://www.mediafire.com/?1zkgst1sih3tmhd (captcha capable)
Linux: http://www.mediafire.com/?59c9lv6n96vrou9 (captcha capable)
Mac OSX: http://www.mediafire.com/?dlwxn9bijoa3bja (captcha capable)
Browser (any OS, non captcha): http://www.mediafire.com/?xw4p0najfc4a009 (non-captcha capable)

Key Changes and features since Release 2516

(Note. Please make sure that you take a copy of your Goals and Scripts before installing this version as there has been a change to how the information is saved. It is now saved in a “cityxxx.sol file instead so if you dont copy them you will loose the information).

1. A new feature Whisper command added
2. Now allowed to reinforce Valleys and Flats if listed in “excludelist” goal.
3. New Truce scripting command has been added. You are now able to Truce yourself via a script instead of using the Useitem command.
(a neat trick is the use the /force command with this script so that you can expand you Truce time)
4. Improvements to the buildnpc/acquireflats/abands and npcbuildpolicy so they work together alot better.
The main changes to these is that it will no longer ignore NPC level 5 flats if acquireflats is set. Now it will hold them and level them up rather than abandoning them as it did in previous releases.
5. BuildItem script has been added
6. WaterHero script has been added (can be used like useheroitem heroname holy water)
7. Improved Setfocus script to accept a cycle number for the focus to remain in the Evony City.
8. The Troop Healing goal has also been improved so that it nolonger ignore the noheal configuration. It will also heal troops immediately after an attack.
9. Production Goal added.
10. Goal Script added so that you can now execute Goals within Scripts.
11. Case Sensitive has now been removed from Scripts
12. Fixed War reports in Mac version of Evony Bot
13. Increased the number of Goal scripts that can be loaded to 10.
14. Now allows resource hiding when scout bombing
15. Config Maintenance has been removed and added to the Global settings menu.
16. Other performance improvements and minor bug fixes.

YAEB Director.
Also, checkout the new YAEB Director which can be used instead of the YAEB Multisession Manager
This little program is great and event has tools available within it to create your own goals and attack scripts to use in the Evony game.

Anyway I hope this release helps you maintain your Evony Cities. If you have any questions please comment below and either myself or other users of this site will respond to your question.

YAEB – Yet Another Evony Bot (Revision 2550) Released


  • I’ve tried to use this for Age II, but I keep disconnecting, is it only for age I?

  • Hey Jackson. My understanding is that it is only for Evony Age 1 at the moment.
    Try this link for Evony Age 2 Bots:

    If the link is down let me know so I can find the latest and update the link.

    Regards Steve

  • Hello sorry to post again, but when I try to load my character, it says I haven’t made a character on that server when I did 4 days before, any known reason why?

  • Was that on a Evony age 1 server of Age 2?

  • Steve,Have played Evony off and on since it was civony,not a coiner .Is there a tutorial for this or is it self explanitory?Would like to use this if it is user friendly.

  • Darrell,
    Within Evony Bots there is built in help for each of the scripts and goals that you can use so help is there. If you get stuck, just write a post and we can reply directly to your questions. Also check out the YAEB Director, this allows you to run Evony nicely in the background.

    Regards Steve

  • Source code? I kind of feel hesitant to install something like this without source. Also, I’d like to be able to improve it myself…

  • Steve,is there anyway to kill a bot in the game?

  • Hi im trying to use the bot for age one but keep getting i havent created carater even though i have i have also double checked my email login and my server number

  • It seems there is a new bot called NEATBOT. They claim is it uses less memory than YAEB and has more features?? Anyone tried it? Is it safe to use?

  • Horus,
    If you can send through a link we can download and review it for you.. Did this show up in a search or mentioned on a blog site somewhere?

    Regards Steve

  • Steve,

    Yex, it shows up in search engines. Looks like their official site is http://forum.neatportal.com/

    A friend of mine says he likes it more than YAEB, but I am hesitant to try. Their site looks cool, but there are not many users.


  • Horus,
    Thanks for the link. We will check them out and post a response to the new Evony Bot that you mentioned.

    Regards Steve

  • Hey, this 2550 link does not work anymore?

  • To: Steve
    The link you posted in regards to Jackson at the top of this thread is no longer there. Could you post the link again(for Age II bots)? Thank you and have good day.

  • Does this just work on age1, I downloaded it and configured it on age 2 but it gets booted off every few seconds and then reconnects. It can not run for a minute without being logged off and back on.

  • Hey Mag,
    This bot only works on Evony Age 1 sorry

    Regards Steve

  • isnt your brand a bot usualy working for both ages 1 and 2? u got a nice idea there. however some play age2. older bots for age2 are well as said old. why cant this one play age2?

  • I have been using version 2550 for some time and now when I try to open it I get a message which reads, “YOUR TRIAL HAS EXPIRED Please”. I tried re-downloading it and can’t seem to access the link. I continue to end up on the first page over and over. What am I doing wrong?

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