YAEB – Yet Another Evony Bot (Revision 2516) Released

YAEB – Yet Another Evony Bot (Revision 2516) Released

[this version is now outdated, click here to go to the latest release of YAEB]

For those that are currently using the Pre Release version of YAEB – Yet Another Evony Bot you may find that it is now expired and requires updating. Here is the latest release of one of the most popular Evony Bots available on the Internet. So please crab your copy by downloading one of the following versions.

YAEB – Yet Another Evony Bot Download Locations:
Windows: http://www.mediafire.com/?g7a5llki6uf3zy1 (captcha capable)
Linux: http://www.mediafire.com/?you4ib8hun99vvu (captcha capable)
Mac OSX: http://www.mediafire.com/?9qamw26qo8afdsb (captcha capable)
Browser (any OS, non captcha): http://www.mediafire.com/?jo30erfd37sspef (non-captcha) (R2289)

This release has the following key improvement and additional features:

1. Inclusion of the new reports added to Evony
2. Added an option to Turn On-Off trading report in the Global Settings tab
3. Improved “TrainingHero” Command
4. Added “Auto solve delay” for Evony Captcha
5. Improved “Idle troop production” command. Now will compare the training time for each Troop type between the “best Hero” in the city and the Hero defined under the “trainingHero” config. This way if the Idle Hero has a 1 second time to train Scouts, it wont wait for the best hero to return home speeding up the overall production of troops.
6. Improved the way YAEB handles packages. Now it will only be refreshed only after acepting new packages and not keep trying.
7. Improved “Teleport” Script language to include “Advanced Teleport”
8. Improved “\\listcastles” Command. Now it will also display the Evony State that the castle is located in.

Remember that you can run this Evony Bot using the YAEB Binary Manager or the new YAEB Director.

Regards Steve

YAEB – Yet Another Evony Bot (Revision 2516) Released


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