YAEB – Yet Another Evony Bot (Revision 2334) Released

YAEB – Yet Another Evony Bot (Revision 2334) Released

EvonyBots-YAEB_Binary Manager
EvonyBots-YAEB_Binary Manager

YAEB – Yet Another Evony Bot (Revision 2334) Released of their Evony Bot which bring more rich features to this very popular Bot for playing Evony Age1. This version includes a new Binary Manager (Version 1.0.4285) which allows you to launch and track all the bots you want from this little simple program. From the Binary Manager, you can create and load different profiles for each bot, start them individually or all at one time, restart or stop any of them at the same time keeping your CPU and memory usage down.

This latest version of YAEB – Yet Another Evony BOT provides several key features since the last release being Revision 2097.

Listed below are the key features:

1. Captcha Support added. This will automatically complete the Captcha security function that Evony recently introduced into their game servers to prevent Bots from running on their servers. Read our Post on why Evony blames Bots for all the Latency users are currently expierencing.

2. New Gate Control button added. This will trigger the auto control of your gates based on the config gate/gatepolicy settings.

3. New config embassy added. This goal allows you to instruct the bot how you want your embassy box checked. 1 will keep the embassy always open, 0 will keep the embassy always closed, and 2 will open the embassy only during an attack and shortly after an attack based on the config defensecooldown setting.

4. New Config defencecooldown added. This goal allows you to instruct how long after an attack hits you or is recalled for it to keep the embassy open when using config embassy:2. Junk attacks are ignored for this goal.

5. Config resourcelimits re-added. This directive will instruct Y.A.E.B. how many of each resource you wish to keep in the city, so that it can buy and sell via config trade to achieve it. The YAEB bot is a powerful tool, but it is not a miracle worker. The bot will generally tend to sell down food and stone in order to buy
lumber and iron, so be careful of giving it unreasonable settings.

6. New config valleymin added. This goal tells the YAEB bot the minimum level of valley you wish it to acquire for resource production. It must be used alongside config valley as a maximum. The YAEB bot will acquire the highest level valleys it can find first up to the maximum setting, and then acquire lower and lower ones until all slots are filled, or valleymin is reached.

7. Removed several outdated config/goals including: build city, evacuation, and traininghero, buildnpcmin, and buildnpcmax.

8. Changed several config/goals including: defensepolicy, comforting, gatecontrol, and wartown.

9. Updated case sensitivity variables of goals/scripts and all goals now work in scripts window as well.

Download YAEB – Yet Another Evony Bot

You can grab the latest version from http://www.mediafire.com/?5ostr0c8nnunn or go to http://www.duelingelectrons.com/showchanges.php to get a complete list of changes to this version. The files that you can download from this link are as follows:
Binary Manager: grab YAEBBinaryMgr.exe
Windows: grab the YAEB2.3.3.4.exe file
Mac OSX: grab the YAEB2.3.3.4.app.rar file
Linux: grab the YAEB2.3.3.4 file with no extension

Let use know what you think of the latest release.

YAEB – Yet Another Evony Bot (Revision 2334) Released


  • How do i open the file, which one do i download? I need the captcha feature as my server got hit today with it. Need Help

  • I’d love to tell you…but, I cannot get this to load. Can you assist?

  • Evonyman,

    Sorry we should of provided an explanation of what the different YAEB download files are for.
    We have provided descriptions below to help everyone out in choosing the right files for your type of operating systems:

    Binary Manager: grab YAEBBinaryMgr.exe (windows)
    Windows: grab the YAEB2.3.3.4.exe file
    Mac OSX: grab the YAEB2.3.3.4.app.rar file
    Linux: grab the YAEB2.3.3.4 file with no extension

    Quick Windows OS how-to for this:

    1) Grab YAEBBinaryMgr.exe *and* YAEB2.3.3.4.exe.
    2) Backup your goals, just in case.
    3) Ditch your 400 different bot folders, make a single “YAEB” or “Bot” or whatever you wanna call it.
    4) Stuff the 2 files you just downloaded in there. They don’t need ANY other files with them.
    5) Run YAEBBinaryMgr.exe.
    6) Click the [Change] box at the very bottom, navigate with it to your new folder you just made, and select YAEB2.3.3.4.exe.
    7) Click in the blank box at the very top of YAEBBinaryMgr.exe, type in your profile name, like “Inanna” for example, then click ADD. This can be anything you want, easiest to do is use your lord name so you know which is which.
    8) Repeat this for every bot/account you run, typing in their name or whatever profile name you wanna give them.
    9) After you have added each profile name, click the 1st one, “Inanna” and click RUN. It’s going to launch the exe bot from your new folder.
    10) Type in your email/login/server/etc, select auto run and auto login if you like, then let it login.
    11) Once it logs in you *may* have your goals still there.. if you were on an old version you probably won’t. Replace goals and global settings if they’re not there, save them, and close the bot to ensure the save is protected from a random crash this first time.
    12) Repeat this process by running each account, until you’ve gotten them all restored and closed.
    13) Now you can select one or all profile names in YAEBBinaryMgr.exe and hit “RUN” to start them. You can select multiple profiles at once with ctrl+click or shift+click.
    14) To update the bot in the future, replace only YAEB2.3.3.4.exe with the new one… that’s right, no more updating every account folder.
    15) To update the YAEBBinaryMgr.exe in the future, replace only it with the new one.

    You can close/reopen the YAEBBinaryMgr.exe and it will still find the current bots running.

    If you still need help please leave a message and we will respond directly.

    Regards Steve

  • Evonyman,
    I forgot to ask, what Server are you on that got the Captcha turned on ?
    Can someone please list what Servers have had the captcha security feature enabled on their Server. It would be good to get a list of servers to avoid (though YAEB Evony Bot has a Captcha feature built into it to help get around this.

    Regards Steve

  • Patty,
    Let us know if you are still having problems installing the YAEB Evony Bot. Most likely you are trying to use the wrong file for your operating system.

    Binary Manager: grab YAEBBinaryMgr.exe
    Windows: grab the YAEB2.3.3.4.exe file
    Mac OSX: grab the YAEB2.3.3.4.app.rar file
    Linux: grab the YAEB2.3.3.4 file with no extension

    Regards Steve

  • steve, when i got to step 5 to run the program i got an error that says: “to run this application, you first must install one of the following version of the .net framework: v4.0.30319”

  • Yes Fletch. The latest evrsion of YAEB does require you to install version 4 of the .net framework as a pre-requisite. Most Windows users should already have this version installed however, it is freely available from Microsoft if you need it.

    Regard Steve

  • Sorry last post was meant to read :Error couldnt locate method ‘get window list’ in runtime module: mdm.system

    Program opens regardless of above error.

    I can only run one window at a time with this new version, is this error the cause?

  • hi i can not get the mac version to work it loads then quits unexpectedly not sure y any help be great

  • John, Sorry to hear you are having issues with the Mac version of YAEB. I would suggest that you firstly check to ensure you have not downloaded the Windows version by mistake. The only known problem att he moment is that this version of YAEB is dependent on .net 4.0. If you are still having problems maybe checkout the http://forum.duelingelectrons.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=10184 site for more information about this release. I wish I had a Mac so I can help some more.

  • Hi i type my lord name and hit run and it says can not open executable…Any idea what that means and what i can do to fix that…

  • hi i cant get it to go past the spot were i type my lord name in and hit run, it come up as some can not execute. any help

  • So do we have to pay for the captcha free bot?

  • Chris,
    As far as we are aware, the current Evony Captcha feature in YAEB (Yet Another Evony Bot) is a paid service. There is another version coming that hopefully will also allow us to access free Captcha services. Are you playing on an Evony Server that has Captcha enabled? We would be interested in hearing how often Evony Captcha prompts you for your input so we can all know how long the Evony Bot will fail to work.

    Regards Steve

  • I’ve scoured the web and can’t seem to find a bot for Evony Age II. Anyone know where I can find one. I don’t mind paying a small price for it either. Also what is Evony Captcha?

  • The bot does not currently solve the captchas for you but does have a really annoying sound effect to get your attention whenever a captcha pops up. You can use another site(which you have to pay for) set to work with your accts to solve the captchas for you. Would be really nice if YAEB could add this feature in free, but not likely since part of the fee you pay goes to them :\ As far as how often ….. it’s crazy random. On one acct I’ve had over 40 of them pop up in the last 2 hrs and on another only 3 times in that same amount of time.

  • SS61 has captcha enabled would ask about every 5 min sometimes and on log in every time after first captcha alarm.

  • hi i cant get it to go past the spot were i type my lord name in and hit run. i just get the ‘blue spinning cursor’ – any ideas ?

  • what mananger does a mac compe use u only show for windows computer

  • ????? things have changed . came looking for the latest release cant find it and the site looks dif. so can anyone tell me where is the latest release? and also where is the sign up page since my logins dont seem to work anymore.

  • ti let you know the captcha is on ss56 i dont know about other servers also yeab i heard was working on a new program so that you can pay and have it do it by it self … also there is a bot for age 2 let me know if you want it i have it and it works great build troops and farms …..

  • Wolfbane,
    If you can send through details on the Evony Age 2 bot ill add it to the site as well. Might even fire up a game on the new server and test it out.

    Regards Steve

  • luckdog. This website has not changed, just different posts being added to the site. The latest Pre Xmas release of YAEB is available via this article:

    Regards Steve

  • The latest release of YAEB has support for Captcha responses so you can still play on this server.. Download the latest release of YAEB via this link to get the latest version of YAEB.

    Regards Steve

  • Could I get a brief explanation of modifying the troop building sequence? From the default I am only building trans and ballistas. Great bot, and thank you.

  • I play on evony server ss63 and I use this bot which was given to me. I found out today they put captcha on our server. How will this affect my program I use yaeb and if there is still a way to use the bot without being forced out I would like to find out, please e-mail me and let me know as Im not sure how to become a user of your site.

  • hey i just have a quick question about the latest version, I downloaded the latest version for my mac os and when i try to run it all it does is open …then close nothing else what would be the cause of this?

  • I specifically do not clear my cache but every time I need to restart my bot for whatever reason I have to re-enter my goals. Any ideas as to why?

    Thanks for any help!

  • ive got a question, how do i download the exe of the new bot for windows

  • and captcha is on server 158 about evry 30 mins

  • cant find the download for MAC. anyone have the site?

  • cant find the mac download 🙁

  • Here is the latest Mac version of Evony Bots 2516

  • I must be retarded but I cannot see the mac links

  • I am simply looking to download a bot for windows for evony.been lead around in circles….

  • Mike,
    Just in case you missed my last response, you need to go to the latest Article announcing the latest version of YAEB. Click on this link and it will take you to the Article:

    Regards Steve

  • My apologies but where can I find the Mac Download …..

  • Thank you for writing this review. It is really essential and very helpful for us.

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