YAEB – Yet Another Evony Bot – Captcha Service Update

YAEB – Yet Another Evony Bot – Captcha Service Update

Recently, YAEB – Yet Another Evony Bot announced that the Evony Captcha auto-solving feature in YAEB has been flakey of late resolving your captcha requests automatically. Their last host quite clearly sucked, so Straydawg has leased a bigger badder one with some pretty fierce specs even for your bandwidth hungry captcha use.

The process of moving to another server has been slow because the database is hard to backup when the old one is down or slow half the time but are continuing to move the captcha stuff, and rewriting some of it to spread the load around a bit better. So far, the guide is a little flakey still because of different server configurations, they said they will get it fixed as soon as possible.

So until this is fixed your Evony captcha autosolves will remain flakey until he’s done, then they should work better than ever. They have asked to remain patient until this is fixed as they have no control over Decaptcher.com being down, slow, or unable to read an L from a 7. Stray is doing everything possible to improve what we do have control over.

They also mentioned that if you register for Evony Captcha Service during this move please dont freak out if you’re “missing” and have to re-register, it most likely that you were missed in their backup of data and can contact them if your donation status isn’t showing up after making a donation on the old server. Just contact Straydawg with the relevant paypal information (name, transaction id, whatever) so they can sort them out.

For those that have not found the latest version of  YAEB – Yet Another Evony Bot as yet you can follow this internal link to our article on the YAEB – Yet Another Evony Bot which is currently the best Evony Bot available today.

In the meantime, we are researching whether the new server will be Free Captcha or whether it will be free to registered users.

YAEB – Yet Another Evony Bot – Captcha Service Update

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