YAEB Developers Go Their Separate Ways

YAEB Developers Go Their Separate Ways

Well today we found out that the developers of Yet Another Evony Bot (YAEB) have gone their separate ways and have now started another Evony Bot project to continue the work that they started together some time ago.

For those that dont know, the main developers of YAEB was Straydawg and Romulus along with a few others developers and Inanna who was responsible for maintaining their website. About a month ago Romulus and Inanna left the YAEB project for their own reasons but other opinions from various sources are saying it was due to poor coding practices of Straydawg (hearsay) and slow code submissions leaving Romulus doing the majority of the coding without benefiting from the donations made from their site. Also their are suggestions that negative forces were at play to jeopardize YAEB to provide the foundation for splitting but Inanna clearly states it was for their own reasons.

This inter-rivalry between the developers would explain why their has been no public releases since YAEB version 2560 and currently every time you login to YAEB and use the Evony Bot it says that a new version is available but the upgrades are no longer available.

Inanna goes on to say that when they did split up Romulus handed over the current YAEB source code to Straydawg which was version 2560 at the time. Since then Romulus and Inanna have been busy building a new Evony Bot which will take the source code from version 2560 and further develop it into its own Bot.

As far as the future of YAEB I would say other developers will help Strayawg to continue to develop YAEB as well and as normal we will announce any new releases when we hear about them. We have also invited Inanna and Romulus to provide EvonyBots with information about their new Evony Bot and we will publish this for you as soon as we get it.


We have now received the information about the new bot.

Check out the article where we talk about the new bot which they branded “Neat Bot” and more importantly, where can you can download the Neat Bot from for free.

For those that will continue to support Strayawg and his YAEB bot then here is their latest version for you as well.

If I have missed anything or if Strayawg would like to comment please respond so that we can hear both sides of the story.

I wonder which Evony Bot you will be running in the near future ?

Regards Steve

YAEB Developers Go Their Separate Ways


  • The new NEATBOT can be downloaded from here (free registration is needed to access the download and forums):


    NEATBOT loads YAEB’s goals and scripts automatically.

    Guide is here:

  • there bot doesnt work with age2 it keeps disconnecting and this problem has been going on for some time doesnt look like they plan to fix it.

  • They say they will add support for Age II if there will be sufficient demand. In other words, keep bugging them, and (hopefully? may be?) they will add it. I spoke about Age II a while ago (when I was thinking of playing it), and romulus told me he knows about 10 people who were genuinely interested in Age II bot – out of many thousands who use Age I. Apparently developers themselves are not really interested in Age II. If they were, there would be several bots, and lots of people using them.

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