What is an Evony Bot

What is an Evony Bot

You most likely have already heard the term Evony Bots before, but just in case you had your Social Media head stuck in the sand for some Evony Botstime now we will provide you with a definition of the term…..

Evony Bots is the term used to describe small programs that can be freely downloaded off the Internet and used to automate the game functions of one of the most popular Web-based games on the Internet, Evony (Free Forever).

Originally they were used to was to automate some of the most basic game functions such as farming for resources, building cities, researching technologies, and training troops. Nowadays they come with built in goals and advanced scripting languages that allow you to fully customize and automate just about every aspect of the game including the all important Defending of your Cities and Attacking your Enemy to mention just a few. Read our Articles on Evony Bot Scripting to get more information on the advanced aspects of Evony Bots.

There are several types of Evony Bots which we will go into more detail when we review each on of the Evony Bots, but for now, just be aware that you can either download and install an Evony Bot onto your computer and execute it to play the game or you save it to your hard drive and then load it into your Internet Browser to play the game. Either way, you get to it will interact between your game play and allow you to enable or disable different aspects of the Evony Bot.

Currently, Evony Bots only support either Evony Age 1 (the original version) or the more recent Evony Age 2, so depending on which game you prefer to play you might have to to download two versions of the Evony Bot so that you can play both games. The good new is that you can run several instances of the Evony Bots so that you can run one for each of the Alternate accounts.

Currently, the most popular Evony Bot is YAEB, which stands for “Yet Another Evony Bot”.  Just goes to show how many different types are available when you see names like that…

We will go through each of the available Evony Bots and where to download them from shortly, but in the meantime, please check out our article “Are Evony Bots Illegal ?” to get specific information regarding the legalities of running Evony Bots as we dont have an opinion either way and only provide this information so that you can be informed.

What is an Evony Bot


  • Can we turn off the computer?? Will it still work???

  • Keith,
    Unfortunately the computer has to remain on so that the Evony Bot software can continue to run on the local machine. The only option we have at the moment is to turn off the monitor to help save power etc.
    Though it would be good to have someone host Evony Bots on their Server so that individual owners can turn off the pc when not actively setting up scripts or playing the actual game.


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  • Keith, I noticed your post about having somebody host some Evony bots on their server to allow people to play continuously. I’d love to discuss this with you as I have a server and am more than willing to host it. If you wouldn’t mind to get in touch with me on this matter, I’d appreciate it!

  • It might be helpful if you placed hyperlinks in your Articles when you want people to check out other entries.

  • Thanks for your feedback Librarus. The reason why no links exist in this post as it was one of my first but can easily go back and insert links to other relevant articles so will do this to help improve the site.

    Regards Steve

  • I’m interested in learning to use a b0t. How do I go about setting up…start one? Where do I sign up?

  • Hi,
    Firstly you need to download a bot and that will depend on whether you are playing Evony Age 1 or Evony Age 2?
    Within Age 1 there are game servers that have not introduced captcha so aim for one of those so you dont have to subscribe to the captcha services.
    I would download YAEB and YAEB Director to get you going and then use it to login to an existing game and then start building your goals that you want the bot to perform for you.
    Once you become more advanced you can move onto the scripted attacks and more complex actions.

    If you need specifics on how to do each of these let us know and we can expand in another article.

    Regards Steve

  • You dont seem to really explain what a bot does….Ok you said it automates the game….but how can it make my account better?

  • can you Please provide me details about free games downloading sites

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