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Travian Bot

I was looking around the Internet this morning to find topics to write about and I came across the Travian Bot for the award-winning Internet game called TRAVIAN. The game play is very similar to Evony where you get to play in ancient times and as you progress through the game you fight your way to the very top with the help of your allies and confederacies, and become the most powerful empire in the game.

Like Evony, you have to start as a leader of a small village; from there, you can grow and expand, wage wars or conduct peaceful trades with your neighbors. From reading the Travian Bot website it sounds like this game also has a lot of boring and time consuming steps which can be automated by using the Travian Bot.

The Travian BOT has some rich features including:

  • You can automatically train and expand your army.
  • You will be able to handle multiple villages and accounts  simultaneously with proxy support. So there is no way you can get  banned.
  • You can easily perform boring tasks like building, mining, growing etc. at the click of the mouse button.
  • You will have much more time for the real politics and power game in travian.
  • You will not be beaten by kids who don’t do anything all day except play travian.
  • You will love me for releasing this software.

To download the Travian Bot, visit the Travian website which was last updated in August 2011 and you can download the Travian Bot for Free from their website.

The current version of the Travian Bot is Version 4.

If you know of any other BOTs, please let us know and we will add it to our website.

Travian Bot

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