The Director – Multi Bot Manager

The Director – Multi Bot Manager (Previously known as YAEB Manager)

The founder and developer of YAEB Manager, SumRandomGuy (SRG), has now changed his Mulit Bot Manager from YAEB Manager to The Director. The main reason for this I guess is to separate away from YAEB due to the recent clashes between YAEB developers and can now focus on supporting other Bots as well as forming his own Identity.

The Director is an Open Source Binary Manager designed to manage multiple accounts when using one of the popular Evony Bots that we have listed on our site. The Director only works with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows (in compatibility mode) and at this stage does not support Linux or Mac (sorry guys) !!

Not only does The Director allow you to run and manage multiple accounts at the same time, it also has a growing list and useful Tools that can be used to support the operation and playing of Evony via these Bots.

Some of the key features of The Director include:
1. The ability to backup and Restore your Bot configurations
2. Run, Stop, and Restart Selected Bot
3. Enable Auto Restart all Bots
4. Schedule Running times for each bot including a randomize value
5. Add to Windows Startup
6. Attack Builder Tool
7. Goal Creator Tool, and
8. Experience Calculator

If you are running multiple accounts or just want to freedom of running your BOT without the need of an Internet Browser, then The Director is the application for you.


You can download The Director from the following link:

SumRandomGuy also provides full support for The Director at so if you have not tried this yet you are missing out..



  • Hey, just thought I would comment here to let you know that you are doing a great job and that I really appreciate the work you’ve done!

  • Thanks Chris. Have you downloaded and used the Yet Another Evony Bot Director yet..? Would like to hear what you think of the Attack Builder and Goal Creator that the binary manager.

    Regards Steve

  • how often does it restart?

  • HI I have downloaded YAEB revision 2550 on MAC however and inputted load default. However, there is a message popping out as such , “There were ERRORS in goals!
    Check syntax (use forums for additional help)”. However, I could see YAEB building my city.

    How can I get a copy of the goals for my mac version in order for me to paste and load the goal correctly ?

    And I also received message as such EVASION: Could not find a rainbow evasion field. Do something manually!”

    Can you please assist as I am still new on this. Thanks a million

  • Also, does YAEB Director – Binary Manager runs on MAC ?

  • hey andrew in relation to your previous questions i can answer one of them for u. the evasion message just means u have no valleys, once u cap a valley it will find an evasion field, its only need if u are attacked, the bot will then send your troops and res to that valley so no harm can come to them.

  • Steve:

    Hi. Thanks for posting about The Director. I wanted to point out that the download link you posted has been changed. With the implementation and support of NeatBot in addition to YAEB, I’ve changed the official name to “The Director.” The download link changed as well.

    You can get The Director from the main website at


  • Thanks for the Update SRG and keep up the great work with your application. I will update the posts to reflect your new name.

    Regards Steve

  • Mac version please, the bot is available for mac surely this great tool should be too

  • i’ve just downloaded the Director & it WILL have problem every 1 minute & close. i have to re-open it again every time after the error message. i don’t have this problem in my previous download.

  • hello im having issues with windows 8 and the director. ive deleted the director and reinstalled it but it wont save my multiple accounts on it. it always goes back to the first account i put in. I have this running on my windows 7 computer but on windows 8 its not saving them when i add a new account. Ive checked the compatable for windows 8 button but it still wont work. any help please let me know asap. thank you

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