How to use an Evony Bot

How to use an Evony Bot

Evony Bot
Evony Bot

So How do you use an Evony Bot without getting caught? Well the best way is to use it as though you are a real player. Try to automate the functions as though you are playing the game and constantly stagger some of the activities you can perform with an Evony Bot and dont just use the default settings. chances are, Evony will already know what those default settings are and actively look for activity the represent default settings in the online game. So make sure you take the time to change from the defaults.

Listed below are some other simple tips to help you not get caught:

1. Make sure that you don’t run the Bot 24 hours a day.

By running the Bot 24 hours a day it wont take long for our Evony friends to find you. The best way would be to stagger your automated game play so that you are playing at different times during the day and for different periods of time. There is a great feature in YAEB that allows you to set playing times and the Evony Bot will log you on or off at different times of the day to help you achieve this.

2. Make sure you don’t hold the same amount of troops in each city.

When you are training troops in each city, make sure that the amounts you are building are different for each city and they total amount you plan to build are set to non whole numbers (e.g. instead of 200k archers, plan for 199801 etc)

3. Make sure you clear your Evony Mail and Reports

To make the bot look like you are a real player make sure you go in to the evony bot and read all your reports that build up and send and reply to mail sent to you by other alliance members.

4. Participate in Alliance and world chat

Make sure you make a point of participating in your Alliance chats. This way it will look like you are a real user and playing the game like regular users (that’s if there are any normal players left). This is easy to do as most evony bots have chat screens built into their main console so make sure next time you check your bot send a quick chat to your team members.

5. Prevent joining Alliances linking you to Evony Bots

I was on an Evony Age 1 game server the other night and there was an alliance called Bots-Guild.. This is the quickest way to get yourself caught not to mention teasing those that are keeping an eye out for Bot activity. Its better to stick with those Alliances that are in the top 10-20 so you will be able to help others.

If you have any other points that you wish to share, please provide comments to this post and we can start to build a list of simple tips to help with How to use an Evony Bot

How to use an Evony Bot


  • Everything mentioned is common sense, but with a name like ‘How to use an Evony Bot’, I was expecting some basic instruction for first time users, with maybe links for more advance users

    I’m wondering how much longer it will take for the world to reach the critical point in stupidly and implode

  • Im PC stupid. I downloaded it and need to know where to find it when I log back into evony age 1. I mean, like do i go to start and look for it under assersories?

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