How to Dump Honor in Evony

How to Dump Honor in Evony

Dump Honor in Evony
Dump Honor in Evony

Why Dump Honor in Evony?

The reason why you want to Dump Honor in Evony is because when your Honor is High your ability to heal all your troops in Evony will reduce the higher your Honor gets. This means that the higher your Honor in Evony the less troops you can heal giving your attacker an edge over you. Also, if you belong to an alliance, your total alliance will add to your alliance total changing the rankings. It is said also, that when you have a lot of Honor it means that you have been attacked or farmed many time and the higher your Honor the more likely someone will dump their honor on you so its better to keep your Evony Honor low or at zero.

So how do you Dump Honor in Evony?

Until recently, the way that most Evony players used to Dump Honor in Evony was by attacking another Evony player that had higher Honor than themselves. This way when they attacked their honor would be dumped onto the weaker online player. Hence the term “ Dump Honor in Evony

The method used was to scout bomb 100k scouts and continually hit the other city until either they when into Truce/Holiday or you ran out of Honor, scouts, or time. This worked fine but when you had no one to attack (particular if you were in an alliance and had no Reds around you) you would have to use an Alternate Evony Account (Alt) to Dump Honor in Evony and then attack your other account. But this was dumb as the Honor you are trying to loose would end up on your Alt account and then you had to some how dump it from that account as well meaning you are wasting double the amount of Scouts.

A better way to Dump Honor in Evony

However, a proven way to Dump Honor in Evony is by using an Alt (or friend that is not in your alliance) attack a Evony Valley close to where your cities are. (I generally attack any Valley with 25k of Archers and farming Hero). Once you have successfully conquered the valley, make sure you recall the Evony Archers that you used to attack the Valley with making sure not to Abandon the Valley. Oh by the way, when you are ready to Dump Honor in Evony make sure you have a spare slot in the Evony Town Hall otherwise you will not be able to conquer the Valley. If no spots just remember the Valley coordinates so you can attack it again later (or attack it now with another account before someone else takes your Valley).

Once the Archers and Hero has returned, move all your scouts into the closest city and then reinforce the valley with as many Scouts as possible. (make sure all your other attacks have returned in the city otherwise you will be limited to the number of reinforcements you can send out.

When you are ready to Dump Honor in Evony Try to reinforce your Valley with about 1 Million Scouts (10 x 100k scouts) also if you send them out with max Stone resources you tend to loose more Honor after each Attack than with out.. either way you will still loose the Honor. Also you don’t need to send an hero when you do this.

Once all the Evony Scouts are reinforcing your Valley, use your other account to attack that city. Make sure that you have the Evony Feasting Hall full with Heros if you don’t want to loose any Heros during the Attack. Unless you want to transfer Evony Heros between Accounts that is…

Now send 10 x attack waves with any Hero and only 300 Archers. I waited for 20 seconds between attacks and also used my Politics as all your heros will also earn Experience points which will also help with leveling up your Heros.

The Account that you want to Dump Honor in Evony from will loose between 100k and 300k Honor with each attack. Ideally, you want to be able to Heal any Scouts that were killed during the Attack and reinforce the valley again until you have no more Scouts left. I was loosing between 20-70k of Scouts with each hit but your Honor will go down fast. Best thing to do is plan in advance by training Evony scouts as possible as you can in each Evony City and then move them all into the city that you are going to reinforce the Valley from This way when you Dump Honor in Evony you will be able to dump more in one round of attacks before having to re-train/heal more scouts..

Within 1 week, I was able to dump over 60 Million Honor in Evony so now I can heal nearly all my Troops when enjoying the Battles of War. Though I did do this manually over a couple of days, I could off setup an Evony Bot to Dump Honor in Evony.


  • I have now managed to dump over 50 million Evony Honor using this method and now have Zero Evony Honor again. So now get better Evony Troop healing rates when attacking or defending my cities.

    Regards Steve

  • Incredibly wasteful way of dumping honor – treb cities are much more efficient.

  • Ran,
    Is it possible for you to describe how you dump Evony Honor using Treb Cities? I would be interested in knowing more..

    Regards Steve

  • Honour Dumping With A Treb city.

    Build 11k Trebs
    Attack that city with 1 – 10k warriors
    or 5 – 20k scouts & low hero from an alt or none allied friend.

    Alt or friend must have less than half your honour but NOT zero!

    Ensure you do not wipe out all the trebs in one hit.

    Alt or friend will NOT gain any honour!


    There’s an example.

    Only lost 790 trebs with machinery 10.

    Easy peasy lemon squeasy

    Happy honour dumping.

  • Once all the Evony Scouts are reinforcing your Valley, use your other account to attack that city.
    Quick question? does this mean attack the city you are sending scout reinforcement from? if so do I close the gate or open?

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