Evony Online Game

Evony Online Game is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) that was launched back in 2009 and since then has kept more than 10 million enthusiastic online game players busy playing this Internet based online warlike strategy game.

Evony - online game
Evony – online game

The Evony Online game is similar to older browser based strategy games like Travian and Tribal Wars in that you start out by getting your first Evony city and then throughout the game you continue to build up and defend this city from other players. After a while your Hero will become strong enough that you are then able to attack and conquer other player’s cities until you have reached a maximum of 10 cities which will take a great deal of time to defend and maintain your troops and 10 cities. By this stage, you are very powerful on the battlefield and will be feared by all and if not already will be asked to join an alliance to help defend the smaller players.



Currently there are two ages of the Evony online game, Evony Age 1 and Evony Age 2. These are discussed further below:

Evony Age 1

Evony Age 1 Online game
Evony Age 1 Online Game

The Evony online game is played via your Internet browser and by going to their main Evony login page Evony Free Forever and logging into your Evony account. More recently Evony Bots have become available all over the Internet to fully automate from some of the more basic online game functions to some of the most complex attack and defence scripts limited only by the users ability to understand scripting language of the various Evony Bots available today.

Evony Age 2

Evony Age 2
Evony Age 2

Evony Age 2 is the second sequel to Evony Age 1, the ever popular strategy browser game with flash AS computer Language Coding. Also known as city building game, Evony Age 2 has been improved throughout the gaming interface and mechanism, and even some tools are integrated in order to give players convenience and safe gaming.

Several new features has been enabled including the ability to colonize other players. This means that once they are colonized you will receive 15% of their resources and you have the option to either receive 10% of their idle population used for training troops or draft 10% of their troops directly. Another improvement is that the upkeep of your troops is half compared to Evony Age 1 which was the most painful element of the game and probably the one and only reason that Evony Bots were created to feed your troops.

Overall, Evony have made some significant improvements in an attempt to cater for the increasing demand of online game players and continuously maintain their servers with nightly maintenance schedules to ensure their servers remain error free. In fact, the nightly maintenance is that predictable, players now use the maintenance period to launch their attacks as during the nightly maintenance you are unable to login to Evony to play or defend your city. This even beats the bots as they too have to log off during this time.

Evony Online Game


  • Hi There Evonybots,
    I know what you mean, I arrived across this main problem when i closed the gaming window down and when i went again to keep on my match in evony, i login but i dont know how to get back again to my city look at, any strategies, improve would be a whole lot appreciated, many thanks
    Catch you again soon!

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