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Evony Toolbar Download
Evony Toolbar Download


Did you know that the Evony Online Game is now offering an Evony Toolbar for Download? Once you have downloaded and installed the Evony Toolbar it will give you a reward in the form of Free Evony Cents just for having the Evony Toolbar installed.

Evony Toolbar Key Features

Some of the key features is that like Evony Bots, you can receive warnings of incoming attacks, Track construction and research of your cities, see when you have new Evony mail or Reports. It provides faster Evony Login by selecting your Server and Account and logging into the Evony online game.

Internet Browser Support

The problem is though is that it does not support all Internet Browsers and if you want to install the Evony Toolbar you will need to go back to Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 7+ or Firefox version 2+ for the time being.

Free Evony Cents

But for 10 Evony Cents Free for installing the Evony Toolbar and another 5 Evony cents every day while you have the Toolbar installed thats not too bad.. And if you are running several accounts, you are still able to open this in different Windows and then get free Evony Cents for each account.

Other Free Evony Stuff

There are actually 4 bonus levels: Lesser, Medium, Greater and Superior. They’re based on your title. Small Daily Bonus – 3k of each resource, Medium Daily Bonus – 30k of each resource and a chance of winning an amulet, Superior Daily Bonus – 200k of each resource and a chance of winning an amulet. You have a chance for an extra amulet every day, by the way.

Evony Toolbar Downlaod

The Evony Toolbar is available for download from Evony’s main website

Evony Toolbar Vision

So now you understand a little about the Evony Toolbar, does the features sound familiar? To us, it sounds like a Simple Evony Bot… lol As they say, if you cant beat Evony Bots then you might as well profit from them as well.

We would be interested if any one of you are actually using this Evony Toolbar ?




  • Patricia Roberts

    (July 19, 2012 - 12:01 am)

    I have the evony toolbar downloaded and add the bonus every day and it isnt showing up. It was for a while but no longer.

  • Same here. I have it on my system but it’s not working. I had them check into it and they gave me the response that the email for my account was wromg. Funny I log in everyday but somehow it was wrong :/

  • i try’d it when it first started i like it

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