Evony Neat Bot 2792 Released

Evony Neat Bot 2792 Released

The guys from Neatportal have released their latest version 2792 of Neat Bot for Evony today.

Key Changes to NeatBot version 2792

The main features and changes made since their last major release (version 2753) include:

1. Several changes to Trading. There has been several changes to Trading including the new commands “override maximum trade price”, “MAX_PRICE”,”-maxprice”.
2. Various market related changes including  BuyAmount(), SellAmount(), SellOffers(), BuyOffers(), and marketupdate commands to the scripting language.
3. Major changes to the command-processing subsystem improving code stability and memory usage
4. Redesigned the Reports Panel
5. Changes to the scripting engine
6. Fix bug with regards to scripting being interfered when using build construction/demolition
7. Fixed ballused and reportstokeep goals
8. Improved Items list operation
9. Improved Valley attacking/farming code
10. Fixed safe valley farming which could sometimes stop scouting valleys
11. Modified the “excludelist” goal
12. Code optimisation and minor design changes

For a full detailed list of all changes to this version please visit Neatportal

Neat Bot Download Links:
For those that us Windows you can download the latest bot here: NeatBot2792.exe

For those that prefer another type of operating system, Neatportal have catered for you as well.

Macintosh.  NeatBot2792.zip
Linux. NeatBot2792.zip

When we tested this version of the software all existing goals worked.

There is one known issue with all recent releases in that the Evony Neat bot will sometimes crash at startup when using minimize in global settings but easily recoverable and does not happen all the time.

Evony Neat Bot 2792 Released


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