Evony Neat Bot 2742 Released

Evony Neat Bot 2742 Released

[UPDATED]: This post is now out of date. For the latest release please refer to Evony Neat Bot 2792.

The guys at Neat Bot have released another version of their Evony Bot.

Key Changes

Key changes since the last release include a heap of internal redesign, performance enhancements and several new bot features:

  • Safe farming check now fixed
  • updates to the resource window, items window, send and request troops, and security code updates
  • some changes to the release hero script
  • scanrec and rescanrec commands have been changed to ScanMap and ReScanMap.
  • another new feature is you can now set a limit in the configurations that will allow you to trade past the default market limits set by Evony.
  • some extra work done on the tradepolicy as well.

Neat Bot Downloads

You can download Neat Bot version 2742 directly from the following links:

Neat Bot (Windows Version): NEAT2742.exe
Neat Bot (Mac OS Version): NEAT2742.app.zip
Neat Bot (Linux Version): NEAT2742.linux.zip

If you want to read more then check out their Neat Bot Portal for more information.

Evony Neat Bot 2742 Released


  • Information
    You are not authorised to download this attachment.

    thats what i get when i try d/ling

  • @Scott You need to register to download and/or access the forum

  • how do i make my bot work everytime i seem to exit the neat bot it stops training troops and building and such goals why?

  • The latest public version is 2753 now (free registration is required, no ads, no spam).

    VIP members can download 2817 beta (lots of bug fixes, some new features, dramatically reduced memory usage).


  • The latest public version is 2792 now!


  • I told you to exclude this coordinate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ..I capped this flat and was saving it from other players making it into a useless NPC. I reinforced it with 800k troops. I typed excludelist ***,***, then applied and saved the Goals list.
    ..I come back in about 30 minutes and this STUPID bot had built a town there and abandoned it to NPC.
    ..How in the WORLD can I stop it from doing stuff that I don’t want it to do? Building NPCs is all it wants to do. I TOLD it to EXCLUDE that coord. WHY DID IT DO THIS ??????

  • Download the most currentt public NEATBot for Evony version 2919 at http://www.evonyhookups.info/neat-bot/neat-bot-downloads

    NEATBot version 2905 will soon be released to the general public so be sure to keep checking Evony Hookups for it’s release!

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