Evony Bots – Evobot

Evony Bots – Evobot



 Evobot is another form of Evony Bot that focused on queuing tasks that you would normally do manually if you were to play the Evony online game. Unsure at this stage if you can use it to Play Evony Age 2. It allows you to queue such things as Construction Commands, Troop Commands, and other common Evony Scripts.

Though Evobot is considered another Evony Bot, I would say its miles behind the popular YAEB – Yet Another Evony Bot.



You can download the latest version of Evobots directly via http://evobot.co.cc/files/evobot.zip or check out their Commands page via http://www.evobot.co.cc/evobot15.html

Evony Bots – Evobot


  • OMG thats my site. i put it up and didnt tell anyone..
    and its had over 1300 views

    Thats Awsome

  • Hey Red..congrats on your site…if you have any updates that you would like to share feel free to participate..

  • hey Red how come it won’t log me in after i hit job queues. It won’t even load also how come your job ques in the file are in a different language

  • hey it wont work red email me a new link

  • My antivirus software lists the page as a threat. So I will not be downloading that software

  • Librarus,
    Thanks for pointing this out. Was it just the .zip file that you can download or both links to their site?
    Ill will check out the site again and update if required…
    Maybe Red can help?
    Regards Steve

  • yo yo…dont worry about it saying content is a threat it wont do nothing to your computer im 100% sure on that!
    also just go download the YEAB bot its much better, the evobot need, much work on it to make it as good as the YEAB one…

  • Where can i download a age 2 bot from?

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