Commanders of Evony

Commanders of Evony

Commanders of Evony

The next generation of the popular game Evony is now in closed beta testing. The game is called “Commanders of Evony” which is a slight twister away from their original names of Evony Age 1 and Evony Age 2.

So far the beta test is closed to 2 servers (or worlds)  called Khopesh and Antioch which looks like are fully operational apart from the odd reported bug or two. You can login for free and enjoy this new release of Evony but remember that as this is a closed beta test, once the test closes your account will be reset in preparation for the upcoming Public Beta Testing which will allow you to build on once it finally goes live.

Commanders of Evony has a very good tutorial that will assist you in getting through the fist part of the game if you need help otherwise you can rely on your memory of the Clash of the Clans (which a few people have already said the game looks like a direct ascendant of the game).

Once you start playing, you can work through the basics of setting up resource fields, upgrading your town, building up your defenses and then once you have enough troops you can go out and concur other players in the game. It’s expensive in game coins and food, but a good Guild can help you get ahead, teach you, and while it doesn’t seem like much team work at first, trust me – as you advance, your Guild is your best bet to success!

Commander of Evony beta test currently comes with 7 historic cities which gives you a blue or gold spot on the Evony Realm map. Though not fully functional yet, you can choose where to build your city as the closure you are to a historic city the more gems you will earn.

Invasion waves against you need to be defended against. Each time you win, you get a bonus in gold resources. Invasion waves are every 15 minutes – you can control the start so if you’re not ready, you don’t let them hit you and if you’re ahead of the game, you can bring on waves one after another and get bonuses in resources until you can’t win anymore. Then you simply rebuild your defenses so you can do it all again.

After your have completed several waves you can claim a bonus in resources – and after you defeated 100 waves you can also get General Cleopatra. Though she is not fully functional yet…she is looking nice so Evony still using the concept that sex sells…

Play Commanders of Evony

If you want to play the closed Beta then go to

Commanders of Evony Bot

If you are looking for the Commanders of Evony Bot (CoE Bot) then you will have to wait as currently they do not exist but I am sure they wont be far away once this New Evony Game goes live.

Commanders of Evony


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